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need you like water in my lungs

calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath

hello. i am the conan o'brien of livejournal. but if you had to use a name lexi's a good shot at it. there is probably nothing in this world i love more than music. i'm a musician. maybe i'll post something someday. idk idk idk. jesse lacey and ed westwick are my one true loves. i'm an irish ginger; sue me. mel (it-was-enough) is my braintwin so don't you dare go after her or you will be asexual okay?

ed westwick, chuck bass, fashion, gossip girl, nirvana, brand new, panic at the disco, smashing pumpkins, ludo, the dark knight, leighton meester, annasophia robb, lost, dominic monaghan, music, law and order, barack obama, lipstick jungle, reading, taylor momsen, random kids shows, twatlight, being dazzled.


i am the conan o'brien of livejournal.
100 x 100 icons, aaron eckhart, acoustic guitar, across the universe, albert hammond jr., all-american rejects, alternative, amy winehouse, aqualung, bands, batman, bella swan, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, boys like girls, brand new, cansei de ser sexy, chair, chocolate, chuck bass, chuck palahniuk, chuck's scarf, chuck/blair, cillian murphy, clueless, cobra starship, cold war kids, coldplay, conan o'brien, counting crows, dark knight, dark knight fanfic, dark knight fic, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, dirty pretty things, do i dazzle you?, dreaming, ed westwick, edward cullen, fall out boy, fanfiction, feist, fiction, finger eleven, folk, forever never, fuel, gary oldman, good hair days, gossip girl, green day, harley quinn, harvey dent, hawthorne heights, hip-hop, hugh laurie, ipod, irvine, jack's mannequin, james mcavoy, jim sturgess, jimmy eat world, juno, justin timberlake, kate nash, law and order, leighton meester, logan echolls, lol, lolol, lolz, ludo, macaroni, madonna, matchbox 20, mcmannequin, mean girls, mgmt, mika, mix cds, motion city soundtrack, muffins, music, new clothes, not growing up, obsessing, panic at the disco, panic! at the disco, photographs, photoshop brushes, piano, pimp umbrella, playing music, polaroids, rainy days, rock, roonil wazlib, sharing music, silversun pickups, sky cities, sleeping, snarkiness, snow patrol, something corporate, sounds, straylight run, sum 41, taking back sunday, talking, the academy is, the academy is..., the bravery, the breakfast club, the clash, the disco, the hush sound, the killers, the kills, the office, the postal service, the soup, the spill canvas, the strokes, the used, the virgins, the white stripes, theater, timbaland, tv, twatlight, twilight, two-face, ugly betty, veronica mars, waldass, watching tv, watermelon smiles, wonderwall, words, writing, x-files