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need you like water in my lungs
calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath
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24th-May-2012 12:08 pm - the face behind the curtain.
DREAMS - it was worth a shot
  • lexi
  • music is eighty-five percent of my life. the other fifteen belong to fashion and my friends. oh and ed westwick.
  • spam!
  • WARNING; i rarely post anymore. i usually just use this for fandom/etc.
  • the dark knight, romeo + juliet, pump up the volume~, a clockwork orange, breakfast at tiffany's, the virgin suicides, gone with the wind, breakfast club, clueless, cruel intentions, moulin rouge, many more.
  • lost, skins, house, veronica mars, cold case, dexter, gossip girl, law and order, the o.c., friends.
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  • comment if you wish to add. friends only.
DREAMS - it was worth a shot
Fic: How Could I Miscalculate
Disclaimer: Batman and all characters and rights belong to DC Comics, not me. I don't claim to own any of it.
Summary: (He shouldn’t be doing this. The shreds of his conscience alerted him to this days ago. Who’d of thought he’d fall in line with that agent of chaos, his worst enemy? Face twisted by scars with tales so blurred and retold the original story is but a faded memory, war paint drawn on by shaky fingers, oh that sadistic masochistic psychopath that was right about us. ) Or the play-by-play of Harvey Dent's downfall, in five parts.

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